20. November 2017 wearechristians

We Are Christians – Board gathered for a meeting in Ulm

Ulm, October 6 – October 8 2017,
On the evening of October 6th, We Are Christians’ board members travelled from all over Germany to meet in Ulm. The board meeting was opened on the early morning of October 7th.

Vice-chairwoman Nursen Algül opened the session and elaborated on the agenda items. Amongst all topics, We Are Christians had to discuss its roadmap for the upcoming years – the members were ready to face two very work intensive days!

The topics that were discussed included:

Evaluation of the member situation, working group reports, Christmas concerts, discussion of architectural drawings for the orphanage in Syria and next concrete steps, donation boxes, creation of additional working groups, planning of the next GMA, social media appearance, 2018 annual plan, gala 2018, Schönblick conference, discussion of organization’s focus, cooperation with other NGOs, criticism, suggestions for improvement and general information.

On Sunday, October 8, chairman Josef Gabriel closed the meeting after two fruitful days and the board members left Ulm with new input and numerous tasks.

If any agenda item is of particular interest to you, if you want to participate in We Are Christians’ work or have any questions, you can always reach out to us through our mail info@wearechristians.de or approach us personally. We look forward to your input.

Furthermore, we are always happy to welcome new members and supporters.

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