26. Juni 2017 wearechristians

+++ The pupils of the Syriac-Orthodox Education Center in Aleppo made during the feast of the Resurrection of 2017 a further trip on behalf of the charity. +++

Energetic and faithfull, Aramean students led by priest monk of Abuna Dayroyo Betros Kassis, visited another infirmary (hospital) with people with different illnesses.

These affected were very touched by the festive surprise visit, whereas the students brought their well wishes, gifts, prayers, joy and a lot of hope for the future of Syria.

„These visits left a great impact on the children, making them share and challenge the suffering children and the disabled with their pain and unity.“ (Excerpt from the letter of thanking of the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo).

We Are Christians – Aramaic Charity Organization supported these actions and we are very pleased with this positive news from the war-torn Aleppo.

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Every single cent helps us to give people, who are suffering from war, their dignity and an important piece of hope back.

We Are Christians – Aramaic Charity Organization sincerely thanks from deepest heart for your support and wishes Gods blessings.

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