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+++ Aramean (Syriacs) students bring the joy of Easter in the retirement home +++

Aleppo, April 2017
The Christian Education Center of the Archdiocese of Aleppo under the direction of priest monk of Abuna Dayroyo Betros Kassis, used the received donations not only to visit cancer-sick children on Easter holidays of 2017, but also carried out other series of projects.

Also the elderly people of the „Dar Al-Kalima“ retirement home in Aleppo, experienced a big surprise when suddenly an entire group of young students with their childlike happiness knocked on every door of the room and brought the great message of the Resurrection. The children carried gifts, Oriental candy and sweets and a lot of joy, which is of a great importance – not only for the inhabitants of the home, after these long years of war.

For the young people this experience was also very formative. The seniors were very touched by this surprise and were witnessing with these students that humanity has a hope for the present and the future in Aleppo.

We thank Jesus Christ for His shining Light on these dark war-torn days. We continue to call for prayer for the victory of humanity in the Middle East and thank all supporters.

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