Christmas concert

Last Sunday, 16 December, We Are Christians‘ third and last Christmas Concert this year took place in Delmenhorst. His Eminence, Mor Julius Hanna Aydin was among the large number of guests in the St. John da‘Kfone parish. We Are Christians warmly thanks everyone who helped with the organization of the concerts and particularly all of you who donated. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for enabling us to help others!

Photos: © Olaf Krostitz

If you like to donate, you can do that in 3 possibilities:
Donation purpose/Verwendungszweck: “Humanitarian Aid“
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1) We Are Christians e.V.- Aramaic Charity Organization
IBAN: DE94 6105 0000 1255 5481 65

2) You can also donate online (by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer).

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You will receive a donation receipt automatically when you mention your address and the purpose of your donation. “We Are Christians e.V. – Aramaic Charity Organization“ would like to thank everyone for their support with God’s blessings. #church #aramaic #christmas#conzert #weihnachten #konzert #help #donation #chor#wearechristians #christians #worldcitizen #kirche #humanity #god #aramäer

Opening: Kristina’s new home

Our recently passed away chairman Josef Gabriel cared deeply about the construction of the house, especially after others looked away. The completion and therefore the fulfillment of Josef Gabriels wish fills us all with pride.

Following the release of Kristina from Bagdede (Qaraqosh, Iraq), who was kidnapped and abducted by her mother’s hands at the age of two and a half years, “We Are Christians” decided to rebuild the completely destroyed and groundless home of her family.

After nearly three years of imprisonment Muslim mediators brought the little Kristina back to her family. After the escape of the family from Bagdede and the destruction of their house by the IS, Kristina’s parents and siblings lived in temporary refugees shelters in Erbil. During this very difficult time, We Are Christians has always maintained contact and provided moral and financial support to the family.

Today, 12.04.2018 it is finally time for the family to move in. The helpers onsite organized an inauguration party due to moving in. Our thanks go out to the helpers on site. We want to say a special thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting the project with a donation. We are glad and grateful for every aid. You are making an important contribution in order for us to help humans like Kristina in tough situations and to accompany them on their journey.

Every single cent helps us to give people, who are suffering from war, their dignity and an important piece of hope back.
We Are Christians – Aramaic Charity Organization sincerely thanks from deepest heart for your support and wishes Gods blessings.