New build: Kristina’s new home

Erbil/Bagede, 10 June 2017

Little Kristina, aged 6, was abducted from Bagdede (Qaraquosh) from IS in August 2014. She was released on 09.06.2017 after three years of fear and prayer.

Hussam from We Are Christians visited the Aramaic family in the refugee camp in Erbil one day after her release on 10.06.2017.

What she and her family endured during this period is beyond words. Throughout these three years, We Are Christians maintained contact with her family and supported them morally and financially.

To restore hope to the family, We Are Christians decided to rebuild their home that had been completely destroyed. To do this, we need your help, as it says in the Bible:

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy”. (Matthew 5.7).

We are therefore appealing to your mercy!

Please help us in the endeavour with your donation!

The house has been completely rebuilt thanks to your support!

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