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+++ Helping the youth of St. Mary Church of the Holy Girdle (‘Ito d Emo d Zunoro) in Homs +++

During the last trip to Homs, We Are Christians had met young Aramean people from the Diocese of Homs. There, each municipality has a Beth Tarbitho. Everything was destroyed and was in ruins. Nevertheless, the Aramean Christian youth organized themselves in the communities and made the best out of it. We have encouraged them to do so. Several young Aramean people from the diocese in Homs have found themselves together. The whole thing had taken place in the name of the church, under the leadership of His Eminence Mor Selwanosboutros Alnemeh.

Under the patronage of Father Zhuri Khazel and Father Tony Yaqoub, the youth of the St. Mary Church of the Holy Girdle of (‘Ito d Emo d Zunoro// Umm Al-Zanar) in Homs organized a camp. The camp leadership was delegated to Elias Dada and Barry Youssef. They invited the youth to participate in this camp for religious education in Firouzi, the Church of Sadad and the Church of Miskna. The aim of this work was to bring together young men and women from the Syriac Orthodox community in the city of Homs.
So the young Arameans had reserved a monastery for camps in the area of Safita during the period from 25 July to 5 August, divided into two phases. The first phase was from 25 July to 30 July for young people and girls between 12 to 17 years old. It was estimated that 60 participants had attended a course in the Bible and how to study it. This camp included lessons in „faith, hope and love“ and lessons in Syriac Hymns and Divine Liturgy. It also included a leisure trip to the Safita area and the swimming Pool.
In addition to some games in order to develop the spirit of cooperation and competition among them, the second stage, which was from 30 July to 5 August, was attended by young Christian men and women between the ages of 18 and 25. The number of the participants was estimated 30. They had undergone an intensive course in the study of the Bible and how to install and get the Christian youth in their churches. This stage included Bible lessons, Bible history and methods of response and defense against skeptics with its credibility and sanctity. The stage included also entertainment and motor games to create an atmosphere of competition and entertainment, and a leisure trip to the swimming pool.
The purpose of this camp was to reward young Aramean men and women for their work within the church and to strengthen their knowledge and faith in the Holy Bible.

These young Arameans needed material support for several things: the cost of renting the monastery, transportation cost for each stage transfer and the cost of food. We are Christians has provided the needed material support to the Aramean youth in Homs, in order to achieve this work. With this support, they could organize the camp and bring the young people together for religious education and for other purposes.

The Christian youth of Homs is We Are Christians very thankful.

We are Christians has undertaken in the last two years several aid programs in Northern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, and provides humanitarian help to thousands of refugees. Tons of winter clothing, food, fuel, medicines and other essential supplies were distributed personally during the last travel by the Organization.

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