16. Juni 2017 wearechristians

+++ Reconstruction of the Nineveh Plain (Iraq) +++

The preparations for the return of Arameans (Syriacs) have begun.

The inhabitants of the Nineveh plain, which was predominantly inhabited by Aramean Christians, have asked for assistance in rebuilding Bagdede (Qaraqosh), Bartile and other Christian villages in May 2017. The Board has approved financial emergency aid. So one could start the work within a week.

For 3 years nature has grown unaffected.
Meters-high of grasses, weeds, wild shrubs and trees now cover the once very well cultivated fields. Apart from the large amounts of mosquitoes, insects, vermin and pests that have settled, there are also scorpions and snakes in these areas, whose bites can be fatal. These plagues make life particularly difficult for the families with children, if not impossible.

In order to make the christan cities habitable again, our We Are Christians – Team from Iraq, together with young and highly motivated aramean volunteers, launched a major cleansing action. Tractors were rented and equipment such as tools, spraying materials such as pesticides, protective clothing and other equipment were purchased.

We Are Christians would also like to encourage in the future the return of Christians to their villages. To do this we need your help in the form of a donation!

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Purpose: „Reconstruction Nineveh Plain“